Send quizzes, instant polls, and activities to students

using a broad range of student devices and question types such as:
Multiple Choice, True/False, Likert Scale, Number, Creative Response, and many more!

Use a range of student devices and question types with ClassFlow
Reocgnize student achievement with ClassFlow

Recognize outstanding student behavior

by sending digital badges to students and parents.

Award ClassFlow badges to students to reinforce positive outcomes. Badges can be awarded to an individual student, a group, or an entire class. Create your own badges with custom point values or select from hundreds of teacher-created badges.

Foster collaboration and self management skills

with FREE ClassFlow Student Accounts

Access instructional materials, assignments and other information relevant to class curriculums.

Digital Backpack
Cloud-based storage, or “digital backpack”, where students can upload and organize their own learning resources.

Anytime, Anywhere Access
Students have 24/7 access to resources in school, at home, or on the go.

Find millions of interactive lessons, resources, and activities from educators around the world

Explore the ClassFlow Marketplace – an open community where teachers can find interactive instructional materials such as lessons, unit plans, assessments, teaching guides, and worksheets